Will you bring in your own contractors?2020-01-10T11:16:40-05:00

Kentucky Realty uses our in-house maintenance team if agreed upon by the board. However, from time to time outside contractors are needed. We will work with your current contractors or suggest contractors for bids to be obtained.

Will you oversee major capital improvements?2020-01-10T11:16:15-05:00

Yes? The property managers obtain bids and oversee capital improvements. On the rare occasion that a property has a restoration project an extra fee agreed upon in the agreement will be implemented.

Are you insured?2020-01-10T11:15:49-05:00

Yes, Kentucky Realty and Rapp and Associates are fully insured and bonded management company.

How often will you inspect the property?2020-01-10T11:15:14-05:00

Our managers visit the property based on the schedule you request in your agreement.

How do I make a payment?2020-01-16T08:58:38-05:00

We offer multiple options for the payment of assessments, including online payments, Townsquare app, checks mailed to our bank lockbox and bank bill-pay. View payment information by Clicking Here.

How soon can Kentucky Realty start managing our association?2020-01-10T11:14:16-05:00

In order for a smooth transition, a 30 to 60 window is recommended.

What is the term of the management contract?2020-01-10T11:13:44-05:00

This is agreed upon at the time of the contract. Most contracts are written with a month resignation for either party.

How Do I Know who spends the money with or without board approval?2020-01-10T11:12:59-05:00

You are protected in the management agreement by an agreed amount.

When Does Kentucky Realty Make Financial Reports Available?2020-01-10T11:12:30-05:00

We issue financial reports to the board on or before the 15th of the month.

How Many Associations Does Each Property Manager Oversee?2021-06-11T10:37:40-04:00

We currently have 8 property managers overseeing an average of 25 properties.

How Many Properties Does Kentucky Realty Manage?2020-01-10T11:11:38-05:00

We manage more than 175 homeowner’s associations (condos, commercial and HOA’s). Our clients are located in Kentucky and Indiana.

What sets you apart from other Property Management Companies?2020-01-09T15:59:38-05:00

We are a complete service company. We have an in-house maintenance, snow removal, landscaping crew and bookkeeping services. If our team cannot perform a service that is needed, we have several referrals to fit the need.

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